Emery and Jordan

Finally some time to blog this gorgeous wedding, and celebrate this amazing couple. Leading up to this day I was beyond excited to see everything transpire. Temples Sugar bush with Emery's bohemian theme was going to be stunning I just knew it. Then of course the dreaded forecast of 55+mm of rain with a 90% chance if it pouring all day. The network radar even showed that during the time of the ceremony and photos it would be pouring rain. Great! Not what we had planned at all. 

I packed umbrellas, rain jackets, rubber boots and set off to see Emery at the Perth Best Western where she was getting ready with all of her favorite girls. When I arrived Emery was as calm as ever! She was absolutely stunning and you could tell eager to get going. 

When I arrived to Temples, you guessed it, still pouring. With Emery on her way I dreaded the thought of an indoor ceremony after all of her planning, but then the rain just stopped! I'm not sure who she has looking out for her but we ended up with blue sky, an outdoor ceremony, and more butterflies then I could count! I take that as a sign. 

Emery and Jordan your one of those couples you just know will make it to the end. The couple you envy when you look at how in love you are with each other. Not only are you both beautiful on the outside, but so beautiful within as well. 

I feel lucky to have captured your day for you, and I hope you love your photos as much as I do.