Kristin and Riley

It’s hard to put this wedding into words! Kristin, Riley and I connected last September on one of the worst days Ottawa had seen in years. A devastating Tornado ripped through a huge portion of our hometown just the evening before, and neither them, or I, let that stop us from meeting up. It was that day, racing around the city to find somewhere with power, that I fell in love with their determination to do whatever it took. I knew these two were going to be great people to work with, but I had no idea just how amazing they would be.

Kristin and Riley brought us, as well as over 70 other people with them on their cruise wedding to Grand Cayman. The ceremony was held on a breathtaking beach, and the reception back on the Adventure of the Seas ship. I don’t typically post a ton of ceremony photos from weddings but Kristin and Riley really made this the highlight of the day. They wanted their guests to enjoy Grand Cayman so they split the wedding day into two parts which made it fairly quiet (Unless your Kristin reading this, and then you know this day was anything but).

These two, along with all of their friends and family welcomed Kevin and I into their group on day one. We were treated as family, made some real friendships, incredible memories, and were even invited to join in on their reunion cruise to Europe in 2020.

Kristin and Riley, Thank you for being truly amazing! For being the kind, loving, adventurous people that you are. We were so incredibly fortunate to connect with you back in September. We wish you both nothing but the best!

Melissa ToyeComment