Claudelle and JP

Claudelle and JP booked me without even meeting in person. They had studied my work, and from the first email they were convinced they were booking. Within days, we had planned and photographed their engagement session (one of my favourites by the way). This whole time Claudelle and JP trusted my work, my vision and went went with the flow.

It’s clients like Claudelle and JP that make you as an artist feel like just that! They let you explore and be creative. They don’t worry about every photo your capturing, and when you have an idea that sounds crazy (like jumping out of the limo to photograph in intense weather) they do it!

Claudelle and JP, thank you for trusting the process, even when I seem a little crazy. Thank you for being so incredibly kind and for treating me like a friend! I will never forget your wedding, the weather we had (or luckily didn’t have), or how you both interacted with each other.

Until next time!