Erin and Damien

When I say wildly in love this is exactly what I mean! Erin and Damien exude wild love, adventure, and a go with the flow vibe that I can’t get enough of! Watching these two interact with each other is nothing but remarkable. They show each other the utmost respect, and love each other so hard. You would never guess this couple had been together 8 years. It’s the kind of love you see when your first in a relationship and that rush comes over you. The only difference is these two are far into the relationship game and its still on fire!

Erin and Damien got ready at one of the most gorgeous AirBnB’s I have ever seen! It looked straight out of a movie and I was hooked! Every nook was a secret gem for photos and I was in heaven.

Thank you both for having me capture your wedding at The BARN last Friday. I can’t wait to see what your future has in store for you all! Especially over in the Netherlands.