Kinsey and Jack

When I watch Kinsey and Jack together, it reminds me of old time love. The kind you know lasts until your well into your 90’s. The kind of love that is so incredibly respectful and full of not only love, but trust, admiration, and confidence.

There was a moment while getting ready, that someone asked Kinsey if she was nervous about the day and getting married. Her response was “Not at all, it’s Jack!”. Then later on when I was with Jack and the groomsmen, one of them asked him the same thing. You nervous buddy? His response was the exact same as Kinsey’s. “ Not at all, it’s Kinsey!”.

Hearing them both say this with such calm and respect, stuck out to me that morning. They both meant that saying, as if to say that the other was their person. That the other person embodied, home, comfort, trust and of course love. That they had been waiting for this day for forever, and it was an easy decision.

It was an absolute honour getting to know Kinsey and Jack. Prepare for a total overshare, because this wedding was gorgeous!