A bit about me 

Hey! I'm Melissa Toye, Mel, or Miss. I'm the one who gets really excited about small things, laughs a little to hard (is that a thing?), and the one who's ready to help you have a great time.

I met my husband when I was 20, and married him almost 8 years later. I can honestly say that he's my best friend, and soul mate, and I love the life we're creating together. If you believe in love at first sight (and I do), this is exactly what happened with us. 

I'm a mom to two beautiful babies, 18 months apart. They're growing up way too fast and I'm only reminded of this when I look back on photos from just a few months ago.  

I have an obsession with clouds, water and being barefoot. 

I have a sweet tooth, and my favourites include Sour Grapes, Starbursts, and Ice Cream.

I’m a new coffee drinker, and wondering how I lived without it for so long! 

Those three up there are my people, my muse, and my biggest motivators. 

When we're not home or working, you'll find us camping in our tiny 1974 Prowler. Being surrounded by water, fresh air, and bonfires is what gets me going and keeps me inspired. If I could live this way I would. 

My wish is to someday pack up and travel in a little RV while photographing adventurous couples and families along the way. 

14th Place in Shoot and Share Creative Project Category


Shoot & Share worldwide photography competition: Placed 14th in the creative project category.


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